Disaggregated Accounts for Denmark


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1 Domestic consumer spending matrix (predicted) Map csv dta
2 Foreign consumer spending (predicted) Map csv dta
3 Labor compensation matrix Map csv dta
4 Intermediates trade matrix Map csv dta
5 Mixed income matrix Map csv dta
6 Additional consumer flows Map csv dta
7 Additional producer flows Map csv dta
8 Crosswalk for municipality names - csv dta
9 Crosswalk for industry names - csv dta

Research Team

Asger Andersen

University of Copenhagen

Emil Toft Vestergaard

University of Copenhagen

Kilian Huber

University of Chicago

Niels Johannesen

University of Copenhagen

Ludwig Straub

Harvard University


We are grateful to the Becker Friedman Institute, the Danish Innovation Fund, the Danish National Research Foundation, Domenic and Molly Ferrante, the Economic Policy Research Network, the Fama-Miller Center for Research in Finance, the Macro Finance Research Program, the Washington Center for Equitable Growth, and the William S. Fishman Fund.